23rd March 2021

Bluedotaug's Vision is 'Change Perception, Change the World' reflecting how all change needs us to rethink how we see things; it's time for the world to see sustainability as profession which represents the real population as how we are perceived right now is out of kilter with reality.

We will uphold this commitment by taking the opportunity to challenge behaviours which aren't inclusive,
speaking up in support of diversity and encouraging clients to review
recruitment and development policies in the work we do as a consultancy; acting
as an ally through coaching and mentoring practice; and as we grow building a
diverse culture. Our vision is 'Change perception, change the world' which
means helping people to take a different view enables them to do things
differently. Our values 'Survive, Hive, Thrive' incorporate diverse thinking to
enable us to build an inclusive business. By recognising we don't have all the
answers and embracing the opportunity to learn we will make a difference.