8th March 2021

Global Generation would like to make a public commitment to improving diversity within the environment and sustainability sector, and among environment and sustainability professionals.

We will uphold this commitment by improving our processes from an Equity and Inclusion angle, particularly focusing on:

  • Recruitment: Ensure that our team of staff, trustees, volunteers, freelancers and contractors reflect London’s diverse population and actively seek to recruit to redress imbalances, as well as prioritise local recruitment
  • Retention: Retain, develop and progress our staff through ongoing training, by encouraging curiosity, new learning and sharing perspectives and by designing safe channels for feedback
  • Accessibility of our gardens: Improve our accessibility in language and layout of our physical spaces. Increase outreach to harder-to-reach groups, prioritise use of the gardens to respond to the needs of local communities. Ensure that our spaces reflect the diversity of our locations through inclusive codesign, made with local communities rather than for local communities
  • Inclusive communications: Use of language on marketing materials (website, flyers, hoarding, etc), more use of visuals, translations, sign language, sensory for blind people, welcoming entrances to the gardens
  • Global perspectives: Use an equity and inclusion lens when developing programmes, designing gardens, growing plants and in the stories we tell through educating ourselves and working in partnership with people from different backgrounds and with different lived experiences
  • Partnership working: actively seek out partnerships from a wider network of local, national and global organisations to ensure we are aware of latest movements and ideas around racial, land and environmental justice

To show progress on these commitments, we will provide an update to the Diverse Sustainability Initiative every six months.