22nd April 2021

We are a multi-disciplinary studio helping our clients do good. We’ve spent over a decade helping organisations of all kinds create positive change, driven by a shared desire to make things better - more equitable, sustainable, and mission-focused - for every citizen to benefit from.

1. We will develop our YourFuture outreach model to involve more young
people of colour in outreach and project promotion, ensuring the programme
takes into account socio-cultural barriers to engagement.

2. We will ensure our
recruitment and commissioning process has positive action at it's heart - and
this includes mandatory anti-bias training online for the permanent agency
partners (5x).

3. We will continue to work with our long-standing allies in
Business in the Community's Race Equality Campaign to develop media narratives
from academic research on structural inequality and progress.

4. We will
continue to ring fence time to research, promote and connect to emerging creatives
of colour, helping to increase diverse visibility in graphic design online.

We will continue to shape the local group for the Federation of Small Business
to ensure a diverse business community is represented and gains a space at the
political table for policy change.