26th May 2021

TerraCycle is a purpose driven company with a mission to eliminate the idea of waste. As we continually innovate to find ways to fulfil this mission we seek to do this in the most responsible way possible.

TerraCycle Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Commitments:

1. TerraCycle will guarantee recruitment & management practices are without unconscious bias by removing gendered wording (use they versus she or he in job descriptions), and having a structured interview process, including wherever possible, a diverse interview panel with the goal that we better represent the demographics of each market we operate in (national demographics).

2. TerraCycle will maintain an internal safe space where employees can raise challenges/concerns around DEI and controls to address in a timely manner via an anonymous Google Form.

3. Diversity is considered to be a commitment by the highest level of management as part of the company's overall commitment to Impact, notably:

i. To protect our community by ensuring that our entire supply chain delivers social safeguards and fundamental human rights to their workers.

ii. To prioritize inclusion, diversity, and safety for our own employees to maintain a positive and productive company culture.