21st March 2022

The Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Centre for Mineral-based Construction
Materials is a joint project with 25 world class academics from UCL, the Universities
of Leeds, Loughborough, Lancaster and Sheffield, Imperial College London and
BGS with the support of more than 50 industry partners. Together, we aim to
develop the scientific and socio-economic understanding and technological basis
for design and implementation of systems, processes and policy that will
support the transition to a sustainable Circular Economy, particularly for
built environment infrastructure, using case studies for mineral-based
construction materials.

The Centre involves 3 employment sectors in
which the staff composition is often not reflecting the UK population and has
been criticised for its lack of diversity: Construction has a mainly white-male
workforce, with under-representation of the Equality Act’s protected
characteristic group, while the Sustainability/Environment sector and academia
both have lower representation relating to social mobility and some ethnic
minorities. As part of our strategy, we actively support and encourage
applications from a wide range of people with the goal for the centre workforce
to reflect the UK population. We actively seek a gender-balance across the
different activities and groups within the Centre. We ensure diversity of
speakers/presenters/guests in all of our external engagement activities and
ensure we comply with all digital accessibility requirements across our
channels. We have also created a fund to support disadvantaged groups (with
accessbility needs, or with caring responsabilities) who need financial support
to participate in the centre's activities .