Improving Diversity to Drive Climate Action

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Diverse perspectives equal a diverse range of solutions in tackling the world’s biggest problem. If we do not become more diverse as a profession, and engage more diverse communities, there is a danger that our sector and its work will be irrelevant, and unworthy of financial or political support by the communities it seeks to work in partnership with on a transition to sustainability and zero-carbon.

Watch the video below to gain inspiration on how to make a business case for diversity, why a more inclusive workforce would improve our chances of tackling climate change and how you can engage diverse communities in climate action.

The session was chaired by Sarah Mukherjee MBE and talks were given by Manu Maunganidze and Matthew Ahluwalia.

This webinar was hosted as part of London Climate Action Week 2021 by IEMA on behalf of the Diverse Sustainability Initiative.

About the speakers

Sarah Mukherjee MBE

Sarah Mukherjee MBE

Sarah Mukherjee MBE is the CEO of IEMA. She was the BBC's Environment Correspondent for many years, presenting on national and international BBC radio and television news, working – and winning awards - across the world. Since leaving the Corporation, she has had leadership roles in utilities and agriculture. She was a panel member for the National Parks Review and sits on the National Food Strategy Advisory Panel. She is a Trustee of the Woodland Trust, a governor of Harper Adams University and is Co-Chair of the Oxford Farming Conference.

Sarah has been a Campaign for Real Ale beer judge and a rugby reporter in the past - two activities she still enjoys - and is a runner and yoga addict.

Manu Maunganidze

Manu Maunganidze

Manu is an outdoor educator and diversity consultant, specialising in the sustainability sector and also issues of unconscious bias in recruitment practice and community engagement. He sits on the board of Bristol Green Capital Partnership where he has the opportunity to meet, debate, ask questions of a broad section of people involved in the green movement.

"Diversity has to go hand in hand with inclusion. And inclusion starts with the teams we've got right now. For people from all backgrounds to feel like they can fit into a particular sustainability company, campaign or group, that group has to already be inclusive among its current members."

Matthew Ahluwalia

Matthew Ahluwalia

Matthew works at UK climate change charity Ashden, where he has co-ordinated Ashden’s Green Communities Award, understanding and celebrating grassroots groups that are empowering underrepresented voices to act on climate change. Previous to this, he was the lead author on the Citizen and Community Engagement chapter for Ashden's Climate Action Co-Benefits Toolkit, which demonstrates how local authorities can work with communities to deliver climate action. Matthew also has experience working in international disaster relief and within the National Health Service.

"Diversity in climate action is critical to ensuring we can truly build a just transition in response to the climate crisis, I'm really excited to explore some of the great examples of grassroots groups giving bringing diverse voices to the table at this webinar "

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