Diversifying our profession and supporting minority groups within our current and future professional community is the key to sustaining the future of our sector. Share your action plans or objectives to improve diversity publicly and become part of our collaborative diversity action network.

How does it work?

Fill in the form below, on behalf of your organisation, to have your public commitment added to our list of signatories. All you must do is provide your name, your email address, your company name, and its objectives, targets or workplans that contribute to the aim of transforming diversity in the environment and sustainability profession or the environment sector. Please also upload a copy of the company logo.

Once your commitment has been reviewed and approved by the Diverse Sustainability Officer it will be added to the partners page of this website. It will be promoted through the Diverse Sustainability Initiative communications channels, gaining exposure for your commitment. We will be in touch every six months to ask you to provide us with an update on your commitment. You will be given the opportunity to share a case study or blog on your journey.

Potential areas of work you could commit to:

Icon hr review v4
HR review to ensure your recruitment and management practices improve engagement and reduce unconscious bias
Icon implementation
Implementation of a mentor or buddy scheme for professionals who identify within minority groups
Icon internal safe space
Internal ‘safe space’ where challenges, barriers and prejudices can be raised and addressed
Icon diversity
Diversity to be added to all risk registers and considered at the highest levels of management in your organisation
Icon application form name
Remove names from application forms to reduce unconscious bias in recruitment

Make the commitment

Commit to transforming diversity in the environment and sustainability profession today by filling out the form below and becoming a partner of the Diverse Sustainability Initiative.

Please submit an image (jpeg, png, gif) that is at least 400 pixels wide and has no background (or a white background)

Become a supporting partner

The Diverse Sustainability Initiative is still in its early stages and was set up in response to the growing problem of diversity in our profession. Diversity is not a competition to be had between professional membership bodies, or consultancies or NGOs, but instead is an area in which we need to collaborate to maximise impact.

We have big plans to change the face of our sector. But we can’t do that without resources. To deliver meaningful activity requires resource, whether that is funding or other resources such as meeting space, staff time or publicity. Get in touch to find out more about becoming a supporting partner.

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