1st April 2021

In 2022:

CIEEM has been working with our members to raise awareness of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) issues within our profession. We have undertaken two workshops looking at barriers to inclusion in the sector and published the final report ‘Breaking Down the Barriers to Inclusion’. Actions identified through this work, together with data from our members survey have been synthesized to prioritise an Action Plan based around seven areas of progression.

In August 2022 CIEEM appointed a dedicated Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Engagement Officer who has been coordinating CIEEMs work with partner organisations. CIEEM has been undertaking collaborative work through The RACE Report and Wildlife and Countryside Link’s Route Map towards greater ethnic diversity the environment sector. CIEEM has been working alongside partners from RSK, ARUP, WSP, Green Environmental Consultants, Mott MacDonald and Atkins to develop engaging and inclusive STEM career resources and training for our members. It is aimed that members will deliver these resources across the STEM schools network, reaching beyond our usual networks.

This feeds into a key progression area which CIEEM has been focusing on in 2022 namely the pathways to entry into our profession. In October 2022 CIEEM launched the Green Jobs for Nature Website which is packed full of useful information and showcases the range of opportunities available for people of all ages and backgrounds wanting to enter our sector.

Alongside this CIEEM have been reviewing our membership application and assessment processes, as well as our professional development activities, communications, governance and recruitment. We have Published four blogs and three articles on aspects of D&I within the sector.

Diversity and Inclusion is included as part of our Championing Change Strategic Goal in CIEEMs Strategic Plan. D&I has been on the Board agenda every other meeting and has been discussed by our Advisory Forum and Fellows Forum.

In 2023:

CIEEM will continue working with our members and partners to raise awareness of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) issues within our profession.

We will run workshops and social media engagement with our partner organisations focusing on issues relating to D&I in our sector. This will include additional promotion around the Green Jobs for Nature website, to achieve this CIEEM will be hiring a Green Jobs for Nature Outreach Assistant through the New to Nature scheme.

We will continue to keep progress on our Championing Change Agenda visible.

We will give members a voice on this issue through blogs, vlogs, social media and by dedicating the September issue of InPractice solely to ‘Diversity, Accessibility & Capacity in the Sector. This issue will explore the people element of our profession. We aim to promote submissions on improving diversity and inclusion in the sector, removing barriers to enter the profession and creating new routes into the sector, addressing capacity issues and skills shortages in the sector, and improving the status and standing of the profession.

We will continue to be a part of change