Looking for inspiration? The links and resources provided below can help you to understand why diversity and inclusion are so important to a successful workplace, and how to focus on diversity at all levels of the business, from recruitment to daily operations.

Improving EDI in the workplace

Improving EDI in the workplace

Building Inclusive Workplaces: Assessing the Evidence

Vantage Circle
Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: A Complete Guide

Understanding Inclusion in your organisation: Inclusion health checker tool

Tech Nation
The Diversity and Inclusion toolkit: Actionable insights and guidance to help founders build diverse and inclusive companies

Sum of Us & Activist Editor
A Progressive’s Style Guide

Future-Fit Business Benchmark
Employee Discrimination

Embracing Equality and Diversity

An insightful podcast about the benefits of embracing equality and diversity in the workplace, with a wide panel of guests including employment experts and the UK Diversity & Inclusion Director at Page Group.

The definitive guide to disability inclusion in the workplace

An introduction to disability inclusion in the workplace

Breaking Myths About Neurodiversity

Outreach | Neurodiversity Modern Workplace (helloezra.com)

Diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the Workplace | All You Need to Know in 2022 (novoresume.com)

An SME guide to managing employee wellbeing: encouraging responsible screen time and managing communications

Encouraging Responsible Screen Time & Communications - JAM

Guide of how to foster inclusion in the workplace

Fostering Inclusivity: The Value of Diversity in the Workplace (resumegiants.com)

5 steps to calculate and report your organisation's gender pay gap

5 Steps to Calculate and Report Your Organisation's Gender Pay Gap Data | Human Resources (icslearn.co.uk)

Free resources
Inclusive Language

Inclusive Language

Inclusive Language Guide

Inclusive Language Guide (openrepository.com)