8th October 2020

We’re City to Sea, an environmental organisation on a mission to stop plastic pollution. We run people-powered, community–serving campaigns that help individuals and businesses to change the world whilst having some fun on the way. The problem might be complicated, but we think the solutions don’t have to be.

In 2023:

We Increased staff confidence and competence regarding diversity issues and created some of the conditions to diversify our staff, board and volunteers by attending training sessions from EDI experts in the environmental sector. Some focus areas included celebrating neurodiversity week and offering mental health first aid training with an emphasis on wellbeing and intersectionality.

We Conducted bi-annual monitoring of team satisfaction with our diversity & inclusion actions with 85% of our team reporting that they feel that their identity and background is welcomed at City to Sea with an overall team satisfaction of 82% regarding our approach to EDI at City to Sea.

We set and reported against annual diversity targets for our staff and board.

The People Lead attended DSI networking and workshop conference in London and online seminars throughout the year and continued with our ‘guarantee for interview’ to all candidates who identify as having a disability or from a minority ethnic group.

We have Shared our learnings via the Diverse Sustainability Initiative (DSI), as well as pro-actively engaged and shared our findings with other organisations in our sector (e.g., engagement with The RACE Report

We maintained an annual, ringfenced EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) consultancy budget.

In 2024:

We will:

Update our equality impact assessment for all protected characteristics across the organisation to create meaningful targets and action plan for improvement.

Share diversity data bi-annually with SLT and team

If successful with grant, we will work with an under-represented young person as an ambassador for our signature annual campaign – world refill day

Continue to deliver diversity-based training to team.

Evaluate if we have capacity to register with a programme that works with giving short term work experience in the environmental movement to under represented young people.