8th October 2020

Our objectives:

  • Increasing staff confidence and competence regarding diversity issues and creating the conditions to diversify our staff, board and volunteers by attending team-wide quarterly training sessions from EDI experts in the environmental sector. 2022 focus areas: Intersectionality, Decolonialising Environmentalism, Inequalities faced by LGBTI persons and persons with disabilities.

  • Conducting quarterly monitoring of team satisfaction with our diversity & inclusion actions.

  • Having annual diversity targets for our staff and board.

  • Working with diversity experts and influencers to ensure our campaigns have the best reach to inspire and diversify the movement and sector at large.

  • Considering diversity and inclusion in the identification and screening of all new partners to create awareness and shared commitment across the supply chain.

  • Implementing a ‘guarantee for interview’ to all candidates who identify as having a disability or from a minority ethnic group.

  • Sharing our learnings via the Diverse Sustainability Initiative, as well as pro-actively engaging and sharing our findings with other organisations in our sector (e.g., engagement with DSI, participation in The RACE Report and in Break Free From Plastic).

  • Having an annual, ringfenced EDI consultancy budget.

  • Participation in Bristol’s ‘Black and Green’ initiative providing pro-bono mentoring for ambassadors.