27th July 2022

We've been protecting wildlife and wild spaces in Derbyshire since 1962. As
the leading conservation charity in Derbyshire, we work hard to support our
local wildlife with the support of our wonderful volunteers and members. With
49 Nature Reserves across the county and countless conservation and wellbeing
projects. Our purpose is to achieve our vision of a Wilder Derbyshire. We will
achieve this by pursuing our mission to create nature recovery networks. We
will deliver our mission by leading nature’s recovery, inspiring people and
communities to care and mobilising people to act. We want to help nature to
recover from the decline that for decades has been the staple diet of
scientific studies and news stories. We believe passionately that wildlife and
natural processes need to have space to thrive, beyond designated nature
reserves and other protected sites. To achieve this it is vital that the
richest wildlife sites are protected and sustained as a starting point from
which nature can spread back into our wider landscapes. Despite being land
locked Derbyshire Wildlife Trust must also protect marine areas for a future
when our marine wildlife can thrive more widely. We believe that people are
part of nature; everything we value ultimately comes from it and everything we
do impacts upon it.

We will build awareness and foster an inclusive culture by listening,
learning and being honest. -We will ensure everyone feels valued, accepted and
enabled to reach their full potential without pressure to conform. -We will
work to reduce the barriers that prevent people accessing nature. -We will
ensure more people from diverse backgrounds are accessing and engaging with
nature in Derbyshire. -We will ensure Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has a wide
range of opportunities for people from all backgrounds to gain work experience
and skills in nature conservation. -We will ensure we have a diverse workforce,
Board, volunteer and supporter base that is more reflective of the communities
that we serve.