18th July 2022

are a sustainability charity, supporting greener, fairer and healthier
communities in Birmingham. We deliver a range of activities from cycling,
education, community gardening, and sustainability action planning.

Our Board approved our Diversity and Inclusion
Approach in November 2021 - extract below:

Our agreed approach April 202-25:
4 Actions We become more intentional in how we are seeking to address diversity
within the organisation, and therefore help staff become more confident in how
we design and delivery our work to reach different audiences and areas.

1. Sign
up to the sector IEMA Diverse Sustainability Initiative – this allows us to set
out that we are up to the challenge with the rest of the sector to increase its
ethnic diversity over the next 10 years. We are already implementing many of
their recommendations around HR and recruitment. Also demonstrates clear
transparency around goals and progress.

2. As part of our commitment set
targets within our new 3-year strategy:

  • Governance, Age, and links to more
    diverse communities should be in the future mix of criteria for new Board
    members, together with digital skills, and a different area of the city.
    Therefore: o Recruit a Board member that has access to a range of networks
    across the city that represent more diverse communities Recruit a young
    Trustee Board member (22-30) and provide mentoring from an existing Board
    member. Operations - Audiences
  • Be aware of role of ‘power’ in relationships
    by seeking to provide opportunities for those who are often not in in positions
    of authority and power to be heard and contribute to decision making within the
    organisation and the services we deliver.
  • Include diversity as one of future
    risks / performance indicators to ensure we develop better solutions that reach
    more people within Birmingham – and prioritise increasing our diversity in
    terms of ethnicity and areas, such as the inner wards of the city, and engage
    in several communities in Birmingham that have ethnic majority populations.
  • Explore what we can do to engage more men in environmental change
  • Commission
    research so we can understand the barriers and needs of the groups we are
    currently not reaching Operations - Training
  • Discuss with staff how they can
    be supported to become more confident in engaging with different audiences.
    Operations - Communications
  • Need to put up profile pictures of our staff and
    Board as open and transparent, together with our diversity approach, and a call
    for those who might criticise our representation to help us.
  • Actively use
    partnerships with other groups and organisations with a reach into other groups
    to work with us and promote and promote our joint work e.g., “our staff worked
    with partner x to work with group y, which is new to us, we learned z and aim
    to do more of z in the future”

3. Within the new 3-year strategy explore a paid
service for high income households to reduce their environmental impact and
subsidise support for lower income households.

4. To report progress on
implementing these actions as a standing item on the People Policy and Impact
Monitoring Committee (Every 6 months) Responsible Staff Member: Director
Responsible Board Member: Chair of PPIM Committee, Kathy Hopkin Adopted:
ecobirmingham Board 18-11-21 (Next review date January 2025)