18th July 2022

are a sustainability charity, supporting greener, fairer and healthier
communities in Birmingham. We deliver a range of activities from cycling,
education, community gardening, and sustainability action planning.

In 2022:

The progress we have made against our commitments between joining the DSI in July 2022 and January 2023 are set out below.

22-23 Action: Regular progress reports (every 6 months) to the People Committee of our Board reporting progress against the DSI actions in our annual business plan. Progress - actions for 22/23 agreed, in annual plan, and progress reported to Board

22-23 Action: Pictures of staff and board on our website to be transparent about diversity of organisation. Progress - not yet completed, but latest 21/22 impact report published in Sept 22 includes a range of ethnicities, genders and ages engaged in environmental action

22-23 Action: Recruit new trustees based on skills gap, including access to a range of networks across the city that represent more diverse communities. Recruit a young Trustee Board member (22-30). Progress - Board and volunteer open day held in July 2022, generated interest but no applicants. Will try again in 2023.

22-23 Action: Case study of working with a partner to reach a diverse audience. Progress - worked with local community partners in Sparkbrook and Sparkhill to deliver local cycling, route finding, and childrens activities for women from a largely muslim and south asian heritage. Case study yet to be written up. Worked with multi-faith partner to deliver energy and environmental advice to over 12 different places of worship and faith communities. Case study yet to be written up.

22-23 Action: Undertake staff training on how to listen and engage with different diverse audiences. Progress - training not yet held, engagement events being piloted, included one with different faith communities in December 22.

22-23 Additional Action: Identified by our People Committee during a 6 month progress review. Ensure consistency of current good practice in job recruitment (description, recruitment networks, opportunity to talk to recruiting manager about role, equalities monitoring, blind shortlisting etc) is also being applied to our other recruitment type processes for Trustees, volunteers, and associates.

In 2023:

We will seek to continue to make progress on our initial commitments in 2022 around Board recruitment, staff and board pictures on our website, case study of working with local partners in diverse communities, staff engagement training, and an internal review to ensure our good practice in recruitment and monitoring is also applied to other forms of recruitment for the organisation.