23rd March 2021

I have oodles of experience in:

  • energy saving advice to householders

  • energy saving advice to small businesses

  • strategic environmental consultancy

  • helping to develop new environmental and energy saving projects.

In 2022:

I decided that I could achieve more by working with others than I could on my own as a sole trader. I was contacted by BRIG (Birmingham Race Impact Group) who wanted to set up an environment sub-group, and asked me to get involved. So I did, and was part of a steering group and in November 2022 we held a very successful mini-summit - https://www.wearebrig.co.uk/po...

In 2023:

To continue to contribute to the BRIG environment working group https://www.wearebrig.co.uk/bl... is going to be the most impactful thing that I can contribute to.