4th February 2021

Our objectives:

  • Reviewing FFI’s Values with a view to explicitly incorporating equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Collating baseline data on our diversity within the UK to enable us to understand our current diversity, set transparent targets and measure our progress against those targets
  • Transferring from unpaid internships to paid internships and advertising opportunities to reach under-represented groups, in order to improve access to the profession (recognising that unpaid internships create a barrier to diversity and inclusion)
  • Creating safe spaces where those from under-represented groups can come together confidentially and share insights and experiences
  • Adding Equality, Diversity & Inclusion considerations, both at Governance and Employee level, into our Risk Register
  • Reviewing our recruitment and selection procedures to identify where we may be creating barriers to diversity and inclusion, including:
  1. Embedding Equality, Diversity & Inclusion principles in our recruitment and selection processes
  2. Reviewing our employer brand and redesigning our career site to attract a more diverse talent pool
  3. Including positive action statements on our career site and in application packs
  4. Ensuring application packs use inclusive terminology and do not overstate the skills/experience required for a role
  5. Exploring mechanisms for anonymising job applications
  6. Exploring a greater range of advertising media, and particularly social media, to reach a more diverse talent pool