19th March 2021

Fit for Purpose is a boutique sustainability consultancy, and our mission is to help businesses to lead through purpose. We help businesses of all sizes identify the positive contribution they can make to people and planet, and then work with them to broaden and deepen those positive impacts, whilst also reducing or eliminating the negative impacts. Our role is to bring purpose to life through identifying key actions businesses can take, and helping them listen and respond to the needs and expectations of a broad range of stakeholders, from customers and staff to the communities where they operate.

In 2022:

We made two main commitments. The first was to offer mentoring to at least one sustainability professional or aspiring professional from a diverse background. This was achieved in early 2022 when our founder managed to secure a mentoree through the ICRS's programme. The second commitment was to focus on increasing the % of our client projects that included insights and recommendations for how they can address Diversity and Inclusion in the strategy projects we run. In FY21 25% of our projects resulted in clients' setting new D&I targets or commitments for their companies as a result of our recommendations and insights. In FY22 this rose to 33%.

In 2023:

In FY23 (starting in April) we will again challenge ourselves to offer mentoring for 1-2 people from diverse backgrounds who want to enter or progress in the sustainability sector. However, our most significant area of impact is through our clients, so in FY23 we intend to focus on training and skill expansion for our consultants to help us take more more Diversity and Inclusion specific consulting projects which we hope in turn will result in more of our clients setting themselves more ambitious targets in this area.