19th March 2021

Fit for Purpose is a boutique sustainability consultancy, and our mission is to help businesses to lead through purpose. We help businesses of all sizes identify the positive contribution they can make to people and planet, and then work with them to broaden and deepen those positive impacts, whilst also reducing or eliminating the negative impacts. Our role is to bring purpose to life through identifying key actions businesses can take, and helping them listen and respond to the needs and expectations of a broad range of stakeholders, from customers and staff to the communities where they operate.

In 2023:

Our goal at Fit For Purpose is to be reflective of the society in which we operate, both in terms of our attitude and approach and eventually in terms of our workforce. We also support female or minority owned businesses in our supply chain by prioritising those businesses when appointing suppliers. Specific Goals:
• Offer at least one mentorship to a young professional who identifies as being from a minority group - this was achieved in both 2022 and 2023 as our MD mentored two individuals from underrepresented groups during those years
• Ensure that Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) is prioritised in the hierarchy of issues our clients’ sustainability strategies, and has targets and programmes of action (Goal for FY23: 3/5 of our client projects)
• We aim to have 30% of our discretionary spend on suppliers with female or minority owned businesses. We hit this figure in the last 3 years due to the fact we work with a female led accountancy firm which accounts for approx 30% of our discretionary spend
• Aim for 80% of sub-contractors or freelance contracts to be with either local, female-owned, minority owned or minority/female-owned or led businesses. FY21: 7/8 subcontractors and 30% of spend were women or female owned businesses. FY22: 45% of spend FY23 Achieved: 53% of spend

In 2024:

In 2024 we plan to step up our efforts to support minority professionals to enter into and gain skills in the sustainability profession. We are looking to add sponsorship of mentoring scheme to our existing staff mentoring commitments.