21st January 2021

The Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC®) UK is a registered charity dedicated to promoting responsibly forestry and helping to ensure Forests For All Forever.

FSC UK would like to make a public commitment to work towards improving diversity within the environment and sustainability sector, and among environment and sustainability professionals.

In 2022:

We have added the issue of diversity to our risk register
We have reviewed our recruitment processes and now remove names from application forms
We signed up to the Race Report

In 2023:

• Develop an Equality, diversity and inclusivity policy and make this visible on our website
• Provide unconscious bias training to line managers
• Ensure application packs use inclusive terminology and do not overstate the skills/experience required for a role
• Explore a greater range of advertising media, and particularly social media, to reach a more diverse talent pool
• Continue to anonymise applications
• Collate data on diversity of staff and applicants
• Continue to learn from others