18th February 2021

To achieve a green and prosperous UK for all, Green Alliance aims to develop policy solutions that create a better future. As well as the environment, Green Alliance will consider people and social justice when designing environmental policies to bring about a fair green economic transition.

Green Alliance believes that an inclusive culture is fundamental for people to thrive, and feel valued and recognised. They value a diversity of perspectives and lived experiences to enhance their organisational culture and creative policy thinking.

The environmental and think tank sectors are among the least diverse workplaces in the UK. Green Alliance is committed to changing that, in both the way they operate and by exercising their influence.

They believe making progress on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is essential to their success and they recognise that this is a continuous process of improvement and learning.

EDI is important to Green Alliance because they want to:

  • Design better and more effective policy solutions

  • Be an inclusive and diverse organisation where everyone thrives

  • Take action to change one of the least diverse sectors in the UK


Green Alliance is actively working to improve our EDI performance. This is summarised in five objectives for the two years from April 2023 to March 2025:

  1. They will ensure that, as well as the environment, people and social justice considerations are embedded in their policy thinking, design and advocacy.

  1. The diversity of the board and workforce will be increased and nurtured, especially regarding socio-economic and ethnic diversity.

  1. They will build a more inclusive culture at Green Alliance. They define this as welcoming people from all backgrounds, experiences, identities and characteristics, enabling our employees to feel that their differences are valued.

  1. They will listen to a diverse range of people and enable a greater platform for underrepresented and lesser heard voices across their internal and external work.

  1. They will play an active and collaborative role within the think tank and environment sectors to increase diversity and inclusion.