19th March 2021

Greenheart is a Certified B Corporation full-service social & environmental impact consultancy dedicated to helping companies integrate regenerative thinking throughout their business model.

We specialise in B Corp certification and re-certification, impact strategy & governance and environmental & supply chain sustainability management.

In 2022:


- Created EDI parameters for our recruitment strategy and hired an external consultant to improve our process.
- Developed a process for posting job openings so that all job descriptions are reviewed against language bias, mention a salary range, and clearly state which skills are essential and which are desirable.
- Introduced questions in the candidate application form, and a short task for candidates qualifying for a second interview, to allow applicants to demonstrate their skills regardless of their level of experience as per their CV.
- Organised different interviewer panels for each interview round and introduced an interview scoring system to reduce risks of unconscious bias.
In addition to the above, we also:
- Signed up to the RACE Report, aligned our internal EDI survey to the guidelines and submitted our data in support of greater transparency in the sector.
- Acknowledged ‘Resilience through Diversity’ as a branch of the company’s Impact strategy and developed a roadmap of initiatives for the coming year(s).

In 2023:

Focussing first on our inner journey, in 2023 our main priority is to make Greenheart a place of authentic belonging, ensuring the contribution of global voices and thinking to our work.
To this end, we commit to:
- Rolling out a comprehensive EDI training for our team along with facilitated discussions to share takeaways and embed them in our ways of working.
- Organising conversations with external speakers to enrich our thinking thanks to voices of lived experience.
- Keep conducting our annual EDI survey, submit data to the RACE report, and publicly report on our target of +90% positive responses to inclusion questions.

We have now appointed a mentor to challenge and guide our leadership team, and we commit to making resources available to get this critical feedback on our strategy and approach going forward.

Besides, we recognise that our core services are only available to the privileged and that we therefore have a responsibility to bring our knowledge and networks to a wider audience of changemakers. In 2023 we will launch an equity pricing program. We will offer discounted rates (up to 50%) to individuals from underrepresented or underprivileged backgrounds, or to organisations owned and led by such individuals, assuming they are aligned with our mission and values. We will measure the success of this program by annually reporting the number of projects under this scheme and their satisfaction survey responses.