19th March 2021

Greenheart is a Certified B Corporation full-service social & environmental impact consultancy dedicated to helping companies integrate regenerative thinking throughout their business model.

We specialise in B Corp certification and re-certification, impact strategy & governance and environmental & supply chain sustainability management.

In 2023:

In 2023, focusing first on our inner journey, our main priority was to make Greenheart a place of authentic belonging, ensuring the contribution of global voices and thinking to our work. To this end

- We rolled out a comprehensive DEI training for our team along with facilitated discussions to share takeaways and embed them in our ways of working. We covered unconscious bias, allyship and inclusive language usage.
- Equipped with learnings from DEI training and other webinars & workshops, we reviewed our recruitment practices to make them more inclusive. Some changes we made were:
-Analysed our job postings for inclusive language and general clarity;and
-Started sending interview questions to candidates ahead of the interview calls
- Organised conversations to enrich our thinking thanks to voices of lived experience. To this end we launched a podcast where we have spoken to various businesses and stakeholders on topics such as creating more equal employment opportunities through open hiring, power of action & community-driven change.

In 2024:

In 2024, we will continue our focus on our inner journey to make Greenheart a place of authentic belonging, while also contributing towards the development of our outer journey to support the inclusion of marginalised communities & voices, amplifying their voices and advocating for global wisdom.
Building on the knowledge we gained in the past year through EDI training as well as internal and external conversations, we will focus this year on Neurodiversity and Allyship in the workplace.

Neurodiversity in the workplace
We commit to create a neurodiversity-friendly workplace. To do so we will:
- Gain better understanding and raise awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace;
- Understand how and to what extent we can adapt our structures and practices to be able to support the widest range of neurodiverse employees possible; and
- Take steps to encourage neurodiverse job applicants, remove potential challenges in the hiring process.

Allyship in the workplace
- We commit to listen, learn and (crucially) un-learn some of the ingrained prejudices that come from each of our backgrounds and become better allies. To do so we will:
- Set out our commitments to listen, support and act to enable allies to increase their impact and effectiveness;
- Build a toolkit for allies to use when they notice instances of racism, discrimination, and inappropriate behaviour;
- Create a safespace for allies to share challenges and good practice ideas & stories- this could be in the form of meetings every 3 months to discuss & share; and
- Examine all our external-facing activities with the lens of allyship.