19th July 2022

are an executive search firm focusing on the sustainability profession. Led by
a person of colour, we believe strongly in transforming the sustainability
sector, by encouraging and supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds into
the profession.

In 2023:

We will uphold our commitment by ensuring that all of the searches we conduct on behalf of our clients are diverse. We challenge the norm and hold our clients to account, to encourage diverse thinking within their recruitment processes
[all client delivered have achieved specific diversity goals from our clients]

We train our clients in unconscious bias interviewing, along with working with them on their diversity goals.
[Each executive search mandate we deliver includes the option for our clients to learn and we guide them on this journey]

We have achieved pulling our future leaders programme together with our first pilot groups going live in Q2.

In 2024:

We will establish a mentoring programme for graduates within the sustainability space, with a focus around diverse candidates