6th May 2021

Hope Solutions is a leading sustainability consultancy and solutions provider for international businesses, projects and events.

Hope Solutions is committed to improving diversity within the environment
and sustainability sector and among environment and sustainability

We will uphold this commitment by:

  • Developing an action plan
    through collaboration with diverse voices and experts
  • Promoting flexible
    working to support employees and working parents to strike the balance between
    work and home life
  • Providing leadership opportunities for all employees with
    a focus on ED&I
  • Removing barriers to employment and exploring options for
    anonymised recruitment to reduce unconscious bias
  • Speaking up and providing a
    platform for colleagues to share their lived experiences as well as bringing in
    other voices
  • Working alongside others to introduce a mentoring scheme for
    female and non-binary professionals as well as those who identify within
    minority groups
  • Embedding diverse practices into stakeholder engagement
    activities for clients to ensure an inclusive process from the beginning whilst
    consulting on their sustainability strategies.

To show progress on these
commitments we will review every six months and make this a core part of our
business sustainability monitoring and reporting. People are as important to us
as the Planet so we strive to behave and operate in a way that enables everyone
to be a part of the solution to the climate crisis.