28th September 2021

We are a politically impartial, multi-stakeholder alliance championing a
competitive and environmentally sustainable economy. Through targeted political
engagement, evidence gathering and policy development, we advocate the business
case for decarbonising the UK economy, improving resource efficiency and
investing in the natural environment.

We are a small organisation with 8 members of staff (increasing to 10 in
2024). For the past two years, we have participated in the Race Report and
Staff Perceptions Survey. From the Race Report, we realised the scale of the
problem within the environmental sector and committed to do more. EDI is
already a central focus in our recruitment strategies, however we are now also
committed to:

1) We are currently working with SOS-UK and the University of
Cambridge to create an annual internship aimed at students from a BAME and/ or
disadvantaged background. We commit to have this in place from 2024 onwards.

We have signed our Operations Manager up to complete a People Management
course, with an optional specialism in EDI. We commit that any learnings from
this course will be implemented within the next six months, including a
Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

3) We commit to working more closely with our
staff with protected characteristics to signpost support groups and advocacy
groups that we could join, as we are too small to form our own.

4) We commit to
holding more open conversations with our staff about EDI and that leadership on
EDI will come from the top of the organisation.