25th February 2021

In 2022:

SOS are committed to making sure our organisation is a sector leader on diversity, inclusion and equality. Externally this has meant being at the forefront of the Race for Nature program, facilitating the process by which envrionmental organisations could attract recruits from backgrounds previously excluded from the sector. Additionally we have run and implemented the Race Report, seeking better transparency and inclusion practice in the sector for people from racially or ethnically minoritised backgrounds. We internally foster a culture of inclusive practice throughout our staff and management. In practice this means constant review of our recruitment practice so that we are actively seeking candidates for vacancies from as wide a demographic pool as possible. A separate Inclusion directorate is responsible for this work and we are accountable to a diverse board who challenge and empower the team to always improve. We are committed to ensuring that people with protected characteristics are proportionally respresented at all levels of the organisation. We are currently outperforming the rest of the sector on gender and race.

In 2023:

We commit to continual review of our inclusion and diversity practice, by empowering staff to speak honestly when they see bad practice or would like to improve our current systems. We are committed to ensuring our organisation is respresentative of British society as whole in line with the protected characteristics laid out in THE Equality Act (2010). We will continue to provide safe spaces for discussion, criticism, idea-generation for members of staff with protected characteristics such as race, gender, sexuality and disability. We will continue to work hand in hand with partners both institutional and individual to create greater transparency and action within our own organisation and the sector in general.