20th July 2022

B Lab is the non-profit network transforming the global economy to benefit
all people, communities and the planet. It was created in 2006 with the mission
to inspire and enable people to use business as a force for good. There are B
Labs across the globe (forming the B Global Network) including Australia,
Africa, mainland Europe and North and South America. B Lab UK is a charity that
launched in 2015. As part of this international network, B Lab UK leads
economic systems change to support our collective vision of an inclusive,
equitable and regenerative economy. Our purpose is to redefine success in
business through building a community of engaged businesses, raising awareness
of the B Corp movement and influencing change in the UK economy. Together, we
are shifting our global economy from a system that profits few to one that
benefits all: advancing a new model that moves from concentrating wealth and
power to ensuring equity, from extraction to generation, and from prioritising
individualism to embracing interdependence.

B Labs commitment

B Lab UK’s vision is of an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic
system for all people and the planet. To achieve this vision, the voices and
perspectives of all individuals must be heard. Justice, equity, diversity,
inclusion (“JEDI”) are connected to our mission and critical to ensuring the
well-being of our staff, our community and those we work with. We are committed
to ensuring B Lab UK is an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace where
anyone that works for us, and with us, feels valued and respected. What we’re
already doing: - Developed a comprehensive JEDI Action Plan with key targets
for each team, and a tracking and monitoring process - Providing mandatory
diversity and inclusion training for all employees led by external experts - Running
JEDI events for the team to build awareness and enable embedding our values and
principles in all our plans and work - Using an inclusive hiring platform to
avoid bias in recruitment - Being transparent in job advertisements — providing
salary ranges and benefits - Supporting managers to mitigate unconscious bias
in the recruitment process - Providing internships paid at the London Living
Wage rate Collecting diversity data for recruitment to enable monitoring and
corrective action - Inclusion is a required behaviour in our competency and
development framework - Implemented a hybrid working arrangement with monthly
all team social days for meaningful face to face working - Employee engagement
and satisfaction surveys which monitor inclusion and respect - Conducting
annual diversity surveys for staff and Board to monitor progress to targets and
support action to include under-represented groups - Improving accessibility to
IT tools for all - Developing an ethical procurement policy so suppliers we
work with align with our social and environmental standards, including reducing
carbon emissions, supporting local communities and under-represented groups in
business - Implemented a Carers policy - Developed a clear, agreed and
effective approach for the Board to support JEDI throughout the organisation
and in its own practice, and to regularly monitor progress on the action plan
To hold ourselves accountable and ensure progress is achieved, we have set
short, medium and long-term objectives. Whilst every team member is responsible
for ensuring B Lab UK is diverse, equitable and inclusive, we have a JEDI
working group, made up of employees from different teams, with different
backgrounds and perspectives, who meet regularly to discuss progress and
actions. B Lab UK is currently undergoing a strategic review. Once this review
is complete, we commit to updating this page with longer-term actions and