26th May 2021

We’re united in our passion and commitment to make a better future for people and the environment in mining areas. We carry out a wide variety of essential services from responding to coal mining hazards, to keeping people and the environment safe from mine water pollution. We are excited about what our future holds. Our work is helping to develop a new sustainable source of renewable energy for the UK. By harnessing the energy from mine water heat, we hope to play a key role towards helping the UK to meet net-zero emissions by 2050. We truly are a supportive organisation where we all live and breathe our values. We are inclusive, trusted and progressive in everything that we do.

The Coal Authority will make a public commitment to work towards improving
diversity within the environment and sustainability sector through the
following actions:

  • Education: our Executive Leadership Team and Board members
    will be encouraged to self-educate, resources will be shared across the
    organisation, and we will consider the best way to incorporate anti-racism into
    EDI, leadership, induction and other training.
  • Raising up Voices: our Race
    Equality Network will be empowered to use their voice to feedback to our
    organisation and its leaders, creating safe spaces where challenges, barriers
    and prejudices can be addressed.
  • Collaboration: we will actively seek out
    partnerships from a wider network of local, national and global organisations
    to bring in new ideas and inform our decision making.
  • Recruitment: we will
    review our recruitment and selection processes to identify where we may be
    creating barriers to diversity and inclusion and to ensure our workforce reflects
    the diverse communities we serve, including:

  • Removing names from CVs and
    application forms
  • Using anonymous shortlisting processes wherever possible
  • Considering positive action to address underrepresentation of different groups
  • Reviewing our career site to attract a more diverse pool of candidates
  • Ensuring
    adverts use inclusive language
  • Exploring a diverse range of advertising media
    to reach a wider pool of candidates

  • Strategy: our Diversity, Equality and
    Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan will be reported on every quarter and
    reviewed annually to ensure we continue to make progress