21st March 2022

National Forest Company is responsible for leading the creation of the National
Forest, working in partnership with landowners, businesses, public, private and
voluntary organisations and local communities to deliver and champion the
shared vision for the Forest.

The NFC strives to be a diverse and inclusive
organisation where every individual has equality of opportunity to progress and
can apply their unique insights to the achievement of the National Forest’s
objectives. This vision recognises equality of opportunity as a critical factor
in moving us towards our aspiration of becoming more diverse and inclusive. It
recognises that everyone needs support to thrive. It also links EDI in our
workforce with our ability to achieve our wider objectives for the National
Forest. We are committed to bringing different perspectives to stimulate
innovative and creative solutions. We will achieve our vision by delivering
actions against set strategic objectives and will track and report on progress.
We will collaborate with stakeholders to develop our capability, capacity and
confidence to deliver EDI in all we do. Our five priority areas are programme
delivery, workforce and governance, culture and behaviours, data and evidence
and communications.