21st January 2021

At the Woodland Trust, we believe everyone deserves to have their lives enriched by trees and woods.

We believe that all people, no matter their background, identity, ability or circumstance, should benefit from trees. We believe everyone deserves equal protection from climate change. Equal air, water and soil quality. Equal opportunity to feel the positive impact of trees and woods on our minds, bodies and spirits. But currently, this is not the case. Who we are and where we live determines how much we access, enjoy and benefit from woods and trees.

We also believe our own organisation should reflect and represent all voices within our communities. But again, currently this is not the case. For example, the environmental sector as a whole is one of the least ethnically diverse in the UK. We are no different.

But we are determined to change this and we are taking action.

You can read more in our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion - Woodland Trust