21st January 2021

In 2022 our achievements include
- continuing to develop knowledge and understanding including through a new internal Diversity and Inclusion sharepoint , "Active Bystanders" course and "Confidence in conversation about race" webinar and discussion and celebration of key dates such as National Inclusion week, Black History Month, LGBT+Pride. International Women's Day and neurodiversity awareness dates
- initiating a network of trained Inclusion Allies in every Directorate, country and region with increased ability to "call in" non-inclusive behaviours, words and actions
- anonymising our employee recruitment, and investing in trialling different ways to reach a wider spectrum of society in our senior and trustee appointments
- threading diversity and inclusion through our new people strategy and organisational values
- re-developing our brand and communications involving those underrepresented in our current supporters to better resonate with a wider spectrum of society
- being a key part of sector-wide initiatives including signing up to the race and ethnicity route map and RACE report
- launching a staff-wide inclusion survey, feeding the findings along with other insight, to inform 10 year D+I strategy scheduled to be launched in 2023